Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI)

The foundation for thinking agility, cognitive diversity, and innovative thinking

The HBDI® is a powerful psychometric assessment that defines and describes the way we think so that we adapt our thinking preferences to communicate effectively, improve decision making and problem solving.

It provides the bases for Whole Brain® Thinking and all of our learning programs based on the Whole Brain® Model.

Personalised, On-Demand Learning

HBDI® profile

HBDI® Profile

After completing the assessment, the person receives a comprehensive HBDI® Profile report that includes in-depth interpretation of the results, reference material about the Whole Brain® Model, comparison data, and activities for further exploration and development.


Give your employees the background they need to quickly begin leveraging their full brainpower. Participants explore the foundational concepts of thinking preferences and the Whole Brain® Model so they are fully prepared to receive and understand their HBDI® Profile results.

HBDI® Interactive


Makes it easy to put better thinking to work to accelerate performance and improve results across the business. With the learner’s HBDI® Profile results woven throughout, this engaging online simulation immerses participants into the concepts, principles and applications of the Whole Brain® System.

Team-building Reports

HBDI® Pair Profile Reports

HBDI® Pair Profile

The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®) Pair Profile™ provides a comprehensive analysis and insights about the similarities and differences in the way two people think. The pair is able to uncover and appreciate their similarities, see the benefits of their differences, and learn techniques for working optimally together—for a better relationship, better performance and better results.

HBDI® Team Profile Reports

HBDI® Team Profile

A catalyst for team alignment, collaboration and productivity, the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI®) Team Profile™ provides a composite view of the similarities and differences in team member thinking preferences. Using this information, the group can make adjustments to greatly
improve processes, outputs and outcomes.

Learn how you can become HBDI® Certified and introduce Whole Brain® Thinking into your organisation.

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Mike Beckerleg

In more than 30 years of the corporate life, I’ve used so many different tools and assessments that you tend to forget. The HBDI® has had the most profound and lasting effect on me.

Mike BeckerlegPartner, Hatch Solutions

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