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Herrmann Webinar

Inclusive Leadership: 5 Strategies for turning Diversity of Thought into Business Value

From innovation to team performance to employee engagement, inclusive leaders inspire the diverse contributions and levels of productivity that set their organisations apart from the rest. Whether you’re a leader, aspire to lead, or are responsible for developing today’s and tomorrow’s leaders for success in a dynamic and increasingly complex world, this webinar will provide the action steps and practical tools you need to immediately make an impact.

You’ll learn:

  • The characteristics of inclusive leadership and why it’s so critical in today’s business environment
  • How leaders can apply what we know about the brain and its application in business situations to improve individual, team and overall performance
  • A model for leveraging the full diversity of thought available—your own as well as your team’s, customers’, and others’—to solve complex business problems
  • 5 inclusive leadership practices for turning diversity of thought into business value

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HRO Today Services and Technology Association Webinar

How to Leverage Diversity of Thought for Business Results

Recently described by Deloitte as “The New Frontier,” diversity of thought is becoming an increasingly essential component of organisational success.

As problems and opportunities become more complex, we need new ideas, perspectives and approaches—whether they come from diversity of thought within a group, or from individuals who can shift and apply their thinking based on the situation, task or problem.

But, how do you understand, measure and leverage the breadth of thinking available in your organisation to get the results you need? This practical webinar presented by Ann Herrmann-Nehdi will draw on the latest research, examples, and best practices that demonstrate the powerful connection between thinking and business outcomes.

You’ll learn how to:

• Use a model to measure diversity of thought for better results
• Identify the impact of thinking preferences on behaviors and business outcomes
• Apply research-backed tools and models to build thinking agility, create high-performance teams and facilitate complex problem-solving
• Foster an innovation-friendly culture that understands, values and applies the benefits of its thinking diversity
• Incorporate diversity of thought into your talent management strategies to measure success and drive specific business results

Through real-world examples from Microsoft, Caesars, ConAgra Foods and others, you’ll learn how to fully leverage your talent and foster a culture where everyone brings their best thinking to work.

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Herrmann Webinar

Diversity of Thought: Where D&I Meets the Bottom Line

Many Diversity & Inclusion programs fail to gain traction because they’re hampered by the challenges of measurement and setting goals tied to data-driven outcomes. But there’s one dimension of diversity that cuts across all the others. It also provides analytics, a clear application process and a pathway for getting greater organization-wide buy-in for your D&I efforts: measuring diversity of thought via thinking preferences.Thinking drives how people behave. To affect behavior in any kind of lasting way, you have to first recognize how different people prefer to think. By putting thinking preferences at the center of your D&I initiatives, you’ll not only have a business-focused, foundational perspective to build off of, you’ll also be able to bring in the data points necessary to get the attention and commitment of key decision makers.

In this interactive webinar, with Ann Herrmann-Nehdi and Michael Morgan, you’ll learn an easy-to-apply model for tapping into your own thinking diversity to address all critical aspects of a successful D&I initiative, one that will engage people in the conversation, encourage innovative thinking and deliver the business benefits of a thinking inclusive workplace. You’ll discover how to use thinking diversity as a way to link your efforts to real business problems, and take away practical, powerful tools you can immediately apply, whether you’re starting a new D&I initiative or need to jumpstart or restart an existing program. You’ll learn how these same tools can be used to create more effective, high-functioning teams and to help your leaders become more agile thinkers who model and enhance all aspects of inclusion.

Diving into examples from companies like Caesars and Microsoft, this session will give you a new perspective on diversity as a business enabler and the tools to rethink and redesign your D&I initiatives with thinking preferences at the center and business results in mind.

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How Leaders Think: Development Strategies from New Global Research

  • View recording here.

In a complex world, being a leader is about more than just what you think; it’s about how you think. A new comprehensive study into the thinking preferences and work elements of CEOs working across Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North and South America reveals a number of trends about the mental work activities of leaders across the globe that you can use to inform your own development strategies.

This highly engaging, practical webinar will take you inside the data, collected as part of the newly updated Whole Brain Business Book, and show you how to apply the findings and build your leaders’ thinking flexibility in an increasingly challenging and fluid global business environment.

Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, author of the book, will give you an insider’s look at the research and its implications. You’ll discover the thinking-style trends that emerged from the study and how these patterns compare to the original study conducted 20 years ago. Find out what surprised us, how changing business realities are impacting today’s leaders, and why there is a new urgency for HR professionals to develop the thinking agility of their global leaders.

While continual change and complexity are putting new brain-draining demands on leaders at all levels, their most important job remains the same: to think. The question is, are they using their thinking to their advantage? This session will give you the data, tools and insights you need to help your leaders take back control of their thinking—to become more effective CEOs of their brains and more effective leaders in everything they do.

You’ll leave with an action plan to realign your leadership development strategies with the thinking requirements, work elements and mental activities required for success in 21st century business.

2015 Thought Leadership Webinar Series featuring Ann Herrmann-Nehdi

Improve your thinking agility to respond to changing global workplace demands

Listen to recording here.

Herrmann Webinar

Inside The Whole Brain Business Book, Second Edition: Q&A with the Author

    • View recording here

Twenty years ago, Ned Herrmann’s groundbreaking book opened the eyes of business leaders and professionals around the world to the power of Whole Brain® Thinking. Now, Ann Herrmann-Nehdi, CEO of Herrmann International, is carrying on her father’s legacy and work by updating The Whole Brain® Business Book for the 21st century.

Go inside the pages of the newly released book and inside the mind of the author in this interview-style webinar. Our guest panelists Yvonne Gaines of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Dorota Florcyzk of IBM, both long-time HBDI® Certified Practitioners.

In this special webinar for HBDI® Certified Practitioners, Ann will answer the panelists’ questions and yours, including:

    • What was it like to step into her father’s footsteps and revisit his classic, groundbreaking book?
    • What’s changed in the worlds of business, thinking and learning since the original’s release in 1996? And what has remained surprisingly the same?
    • What were some of Ann’s favorite stories as she spoke to practitioners and organizations around the world, collecting new case examples and insights about Whole Brain® Thinking?
    • How can you incorporate the book into your work to add value for your participants and clients?
    • What are some key takeaways from the new book that everyone needs to be thinking about in terms of 21st century business?

Don’t miss this special opportunity to hear from Ann directly and get an insider’s view of the book that Ken Blanchard has said is “a must-read if you want to function better.”

Filled with real-world examples and essential charts, action steps, exercises, and tools, The Whole Brain Business Book will show you how to rethink your business, prepare for the future, realign your goals, and reinvigorate your team—by putting your whole brain to work.

Soundview Webinar

Unlock the Power of Whole Brain Thinking

Watch Ann Herrmann-Nehdi as she presents an engaging and interactive webinar in partnership with Soundview.

The Soundview Live Author Series from Soundview Executive Book Summaries presents:

A conversation with the co-author of The Whole Brain Business Book: Ann Herrmann-Nehdi

View recording here

Thanks to the power of Whole Brain® Thinking, you can apply what we know about thinking, performance, and the brain to transform your organization at every level. Whether you’re struggling to keep up with a changing market, are stuck with a tired business model, or are challenged by difficult colleagues, the proven methods in this updated guide will provide the solutions.

Filled with real-world examples and essential charts, exercises, action steps, and strategies, this Soundview Live webinar, Unlock the Power of Whole Brain Thinking, shows you how to rethink your business, prepare for the future, realign your goals, and reinvigorate your team — by putting your whole brain to work.

You will learn how to:

  • IDENTIFY how you and others prefer to think.
  • IMPROVE your communication skills.
  • INSPIRE creative thinking in yourself and others.
  • INNOVATE faster and work more efficiently.
  • IMPLEMENT changes throughout your organization.
  • INCREASE productivity and beat the competition.

HRDQ-U Webinar

How Global Leaders Think: Development Strategies from New Research

Presented by Ann Herrmann-Nehdi

In a complex world, being a leader is about more than just what you think; it’s about how you think. A new comprehensive study into the thinking preferences and work elements of CEOs working across Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North and South America reveals a number of trends about the mental work activities of global leaders that you can use to inform your own development strategies…

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HRDQ-U Webinar

Developing Thinking Managers To Bridge The Engagement Gap

When it comes to bridging the engagement gap, are your managers part of the problem or part of the solution? There’s a wealth of research showing that managers not only play a large role in whether or not employees are engaged, they often don’t seem to know what will actually engage them. This session will show you how to apply current studies from the newly published Whole Brain Business Book-Second Edition, along with more than 30 years of research on thinking, learning and the brain, to transform your leadership development strategies and build an environment where everyone is encouraged and motivated to bring their best thinking to work.

By exploring the impact of thinking preferences on communication, work processes, job fit, coaching and more, you’ll learn how to develop managers and leaders who see past their own preferences to focus on what will truly engage and retain an increasingly diverse employee population. You’ll take away an easy-to-apply model for understanding how to “meet people where they think” so your organization can get the full benefits of its cognitive diversity.

You will learn:

  1. Use a brain-based system to develop leaders who can effectively engage, motivate, inspire and retain a diverse employee population
  2. Align engagement, learning and leadership strategies with business and thinking requirements
  3. Apply practical tools to diagnose and adjust current approaches to improve engagement and outcomes
  4. Create an action plan for using a thinking baseline to bridge the engagement gap

Who should attend (roles, titles, functions, etc.): HR, Talent Development and Training Managers and Leaders

View the webinar recording here.