Slagelse Municipality: From Conflict to Common Ground

When Slagelse Kommune, a large municipality of 77,000 people in Denmark, instituted a goal of becoming more development focused in 2008, its newly inducted Board of Directors immediately saw that one of the primary obstacles to efficiency and effectiveness within the municipality was the lack of a system for managing projects. From department to department and even from project to project, there was no consistency across the organization in the way projects were handled.

Different people and departments used different tools, and some had even created their own, using terms and methods that were completely foreign to the other groups and individuals they interacted with. There was no one way to tackle a project, and as a result, teams were often mired in miscommunication and conflict. This study describes how a framework of Whole Brain® Thinking provided cross-functional consistency and helped alleviate the communication and conflict issues that often arise when projects involve a wide variety of stakeholders with varying priorities, preferences and goals.

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