Purdue Pharmaceutical

Purdue Pharma is always looking for better ways to connect with physicians, whose challenges of delivering patient care and running a practice seem to escalate exponentially each year. Purdue Pharma representatives want to help doctors deliver top-quality care to their patients. Given physicians’ impossible schedules, how could Purdue Pharma representatives more effectively deliver the appropriate message to meet their customers’ needs? Janet Koch recalls what it was like to make sales calls on physicians, before she learned about the Herrmann Brain Dominance® approach to understanding people, and herself. She would unpack her bag, take out her visual aids, discuss things she thought mattered most to the doctors, and be greeted with blank stares.

Learn how Whole Brain® Thinking and the HBDI® gave Purdue’s sales team insight into what matters most to the physicians, helping them better match their approaches to the physicians’ thinking preferences and increase sales on a faster curve.

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