Cookie Time: Whole Brain® Thinking System Drives a Business and Cultural Transformation

When New Zealand’s iconic snack food company, Cookie Time, was ready to adopt a new strategic approach to grow the business, it realized that nothing less than a cultural transformation would be required to bring everyone on board. The Herrmann Whole Brain® Thinking System provided the underlying language for effectively communicating the new vision, values and guiding principles. “Integrating Whole Brain® Thinking into our business has had a really significant impact in terms of how we’ve been able to transform our company into what it is today,” says CEO Lincoln Booth.

Every entrepreneurial company reaches a stage in its life when it needs to take a giant transformational step. And sometimes it needs a little outside help. When New Zealand’s iconic snack food company, Cookie Time, decided to lift its game, it turned to Herrmann New Zealand and its partner eTime. Using a Whole Brain® approach they helped Cookie Time articulate its vision and values in a way that everyone in the company could relate to.

Read how integrating Whole Brain® Thinking into the culture turned the vision and values into a reality, ultimately transforming the business.

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