Bendigo Bank

Bendigo Bank is a regional Australian bank, operating primarily in Victoria, Queensland, and New South Wales. With over 200 bank branches and approximately 2,200 employees, Bendigo Bank has differentiated itself in Australia’s financial services marketplace as an innovative service provider — both at the customer/bank branch level, and organizationally through its Community Bank program — which has provided local banking to remote Australian communities not serviced by Australia’s “Big Four” banks.

A truly values-driven organization, Bendigo Bank’s motto is: “Successful communities and successful customers create a successful bank”. The bank’s focus on communities and exceptional customer service has made it one of Australia’s most respected (and, though perhaps strange for a bank, well-loved) organizations.With over 200 bank branches, bucked the trend of banks lurking at the bottom of the top 20 to come in at number four, enjoying a period of goodwill among consumers as it opens yet more community banks in bank free towns and suburbs. “Understanding yourself is the first step. And it’s all done using the Whole Brain® Thinking System.”

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